Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I just love doing this

It's fantastic being able to antagonise the very “People” who have spent their shallow lives antagonising everyone else in the country for not being as bigoted as themselves.

Some of the replies I get are beyond funny though I’m sad to say it gives me a small glimpse into a sad side of Scottish society. Someone suggested I should take up the mantle of freeing the world from poverty, I wish I could but I can’t. What I can do though is rattle the cages of small minded bigots in this country.

When will these people learn? The owner of their club and their manager detests them; most of the population detest them. They have now been reduced to a rag bag assortment of right wing loonies that make the BNP look like the Boy Scouts.

The war's over boys, it finished about 300 yrs ago. Do us all a favour and try to catch up with the rest of us.

Lots of Love,



Anonymous said...

More inane drivel from the self proclaimed saviour of Scottish society. Good grief!! What an elevated opinion you have of yourself. Someone would need to stick a pin in that over inflated ego of yours. Self praise is no praise. As for the "Lots of Love, CELTIC PRIDE" part, well that just about says it all, I do believe that you are completely in love with yourself.

P.S. Why did you post at 5:25 AM?
Methinks you have been on the sauce old bean.

Celtic Pride said...

Well thank you old bean.
Can I add you to my Xmas card list?

I'm sure you will love my next blog,it's about how football fans should be viewed when they are guests in someone elses city.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have read your other article, it bored me rigid. Why do you have this insatiable craving for praise? I'd much prefer to win the game. Give me passion and rivalry ahead of a supporters popularity contest every time. You can keep your back slapping fans love-ins, I'll have a football match please.

Celtic Pride said...

Sorry it bored you old bean, the truth sadly is usualy boring

anyway thanx for keeping me amused old bean