Sunday, October 26, 2008

Strange "PEOPLE"

I get some amazingly mind numbing stuff sent as comments from the "people" most of which never reaches here.
I like this one from Mr Anonymous who keeps sending comments about how bored he is of me and my wee blog...oh the sadness that has brought me..pmsl.

"Judging by the number of comments on your little blog it looks pretty much like I am the only one keeping you "amused"!

I just can't stay away. It must be your incredible insight into the Scottish psyche , your even-handedness and your impartiality, that keeps me coming back. Not to mention the stunning humour with which you respond to comments, simply hilarious.

Anyhow, gotta go. Keep pumping up that ego!"

Ok, I'm a wee bit bewildered here, this is this dudes 12th comment which basically centre around some form of school yard attempt at sarcasm. He/she /it claims to be bored and tired of the blogs but yet has some strange compulsion to read and react to it constantly.
This brings me nicely round to the constant carping from this individual about my ego and need to have it stroked.
Lets look at it. Who really is craving attention or wanting their ego stroked here?

1. Someone like me who raises legitimate concerns of thousands of people in our society?
2.Someone who constantly replies with comments that never address any of the concerns raised but merely carps on about spelling and has some strange infatuation with this blog?

As for the even handedness he/she/it obviously never read the blog about IRA singing by Celtic fans or the one praising the efforts of Sir David Murray to eradicate bigotry and sectarianism from the Rangers support.

So I'd like to take this opportunity to thank he/she/it for the comments but now I'm bored and as such wont be reading he/she/it's guff any more...straight to delete from now on.

This sort of behaviour has to be questionable, the Internet encourages free speech which is commendable and right. But unfortunately it attracts Trolls.

I personally don't care if anyone reads this, it's simply a good way for me to clear my thoughts. No one is under any obligation to read these never mind comment on them.

Fortunately enough the majority of Celtic and Rangers fans are behaving responsibly and cleaning up their act, pity the same can't be said for the trolls.

So I've ran a spell check and everything seems fine lol may as well publish this drivel now

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