Monday, September 22, 2008

Cut out the IRA songs

All you who have sung the Boy's of the old brigade in the past 2 away games are tarnishing the club and your fellow supporters name.
I realise that a lot of you are angry at the lack of action by the authorities against the bile from the other side, but that's no excuse to give them ammunition to come after us.
The IRA/PIRA have nothing to do with Celtic football club so stop singing these songs.
One thing that sets us apart from the other side is that we have plenty of Celtic songs to sing, we are there to support Celtic, not any political organisations.
Please don't lower yourselves to their level.

Here is a statement from the club prior to the Killie game. Unfortunately a sizeable amount of the support either did not read this or chose to ignore it.

CELTIC take on Kilmarnock this Sunday at Rugby Park and ahead of the game, the Club has called on fans to continue their positive support of the team.

A statement from the Club reads: “We are proud to have such a magnificent support, renowned across Europe for excellent behaviour and clearly, it is important that we preserve this great reputation and maintain these high standards.

“We recognise that there have been reports of elements of inappropriate behaviour at last weekend’s match at Fir Park, and clearly this is something which the Club opposes completely.

“We have worked tirelessly to encourage positive support for the Club, we have taken action against individuals in the past when offensive behaviour has arisen and we will continue to treat this matter very seriously.

“At this weekend’s match against Kilmarnock, we would once again urge any small minority not to tarnish the great name of Celtic Football Club and the great reputation of the vast majority of our fans.

“Let’s keep our high standards which set us apart - get behind the team with positive support as we go for four league titles in a row and continued success in Europe.”

Please take this on board and stop embarrassing the club

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