Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Natcho Novo a tale of double standards

Some clown has seemingly published the guy's address on a web site, which in my opinion is well out of order and dangerous, the guy's family have a right to live their life without fear.
But I'm not concerned about him, he's a nasty wee man. What I'm concerning myself with is again the double standards of the rag and hack that published the story and decided to use the word Bigots in the title and the report.
There was no mention of Bigots in the hacks rag on Monday after we witnessed a bigotfest in the away section of our stadium.
No mention of bigots when this banner was hung in full veiw of this hack and the rest of the press.

No mention of bigots attacking innocents in the street. The only thing the laptop loyal where interested in was the poor wee rangers supporters who where upset because a goalkeeper gave them the finger.
No mention of the bigoted abuse the dished out to the goalkeeper and our number 46 during that game and at every away ground in Scotland.
Once again the Scottish media turn a blind eye to the real bigots, the support that refuses to drop it's hatred of all things Celtic , Irish and RC.

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