Friday, September 5, 2008

Let's all laugh at them

All this BJK crowd, what have they achieved?
The answer is simple a wee bit of school yard notoriety and a another embarrassment for their club and decent supporters.
Think about it, how desperate would you need to be to identify your self with that lot??
They must feel so insignificant as human beings that they need to get attention by any means available to about scraping the barrel???
I noticed on there latest site they have a hate mail section, that says a lot about them people hating them is all they have...but hey they don't care as the song goes.
Can you ever imagine how embarrassing it must be to admit that you actually belong to a body like that in public??
Between them and there wee cousins the Glue Order they appear to have the brain power of a 2 watt bulb, they constantly shoot themselves in the foot ala' Simon that was a cracker what a brass neck to give
There's no point hating these people as the old saying goes "more to be pitted than scourned".
This is the only thing they have in their sad wee lives. While the rest of the human race get on with it, these poor buggers are locked in a constant loop of hatred.
They don't know any better, they where brought up to believe that they are the people, so you can see how they are now gutted because all these "mhanky Micks , Pakies and other boggin immigrants" are now running the economy and creating wealth, the poor buggers have nothing else left to cling to...except Her Majesties Apron..
So that's the last mention they get on here, there simply not worth the electrons.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you think you're fuelling this rubbish by commenting? Sing louder at games if you don't like it.