Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It takes the Irish Government to complain

For something to be done about the racist famine song.
Where have Scottish politicians and the media been for the past weeks?
Not a word from them.
If they have a policy to ignore this filth then it's not working.
The kind of people who sing this and other hate filled songs won't just go away.
It's time to sanction Rangers Fc.
Time for them to bear the burden of their scum supporters and that's what they are, scum.
A shower of under educated white protestants who hate the world because it's moved on
and left them behind fighting their 300 year war.
Someone commented on the blog that it was a football song..lol... no wonder they decided to remain anonymous the shame of putting your name to such a comment is just too much.

Here is a news report from BBC News

Scotlands shame alive and kicking in 2008


Mark Stewart said...

I'm not generally into scoring points but this is turning into a farce. What business is it of the Irish government to complain about Scottish issues and can Rangers supporters complain to them about about sectarian offences caused by celtic fans. One of many e.g disgracing the memory of the Ibrox disaster.(People who live in glass houses) Get rid of the blinkers and look at the bigger picture. This is football culture, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, but you always wind-up the opposition, it's escapism and maybe tribal at times but without it the game would die.

Celtic Pride said...

Mark do you think it is acceptable to sing these types of songs at a football match?
I'll gladly donate a large amount of money to a charity of your choice if you can provide me with evidence that the Celtic support have on mass sang songs about the Ibrox disaster at a football match over the past 20yrs, because I can't recall any time this has happened.
If you send the proof I'll gladly pass it on to the appropriate authorities.
If you have read the words of this famine song they are disgraceful, disrespectful, sectarian and racist.
I would agree that this is tribal but I would challenge you on the fact you seem to think that"without it the game would die."
I think we could all do without it at football games.