Saturday, September 20, 2008

Is this a Joke??

Somebody tell me this clown is having a laugh...
DUP MP Gregory Campbell has written to Celtic chairman and ex-NI Secretary John Reid in protest at pro-IRA songs sung at a game last week.
He claims he's had complaints from his constituents about Pro IRA songs being sung at the Motherwell V Celtic game last week.

I would like to congratulate his Unionist constituents for their open mindedness in putting aside their traditional views to enjoy watching a Celtic game and no doubt it was purely for football reasons

Mr Campbell said "Rangers had moved against sectarian chanting following a recent Old Firm game and he called on Celtic to follow suit" this guy living on the same planet as the rest of us??

He's obviously referring to Martin Bain's assertion that the famine song was just a bit of tit for tat banter.

This complaint is definitely tit for tat esp coming from a clown like Mr Campbell.

I have always been of the opinion that if people want to sing songs in support of the IRA,UVF or any other "political" body it's up to them, personally I don't . I don't think a football match is the correct place for this stuff, I go to support my team and no one else.
I also think there is a diference between political songs and lets say the famine song and the bjk stuff which is just vile hatred personified.

Mr Campbell seems to think it would do Celtic a diservice for him to go to a game at Celtic park, becuase he would have to report the minority of Celtic fans singing pro IRA songs which would not do Celtic any favours in his small minded view.

Well I shall be writing to Mr Campbel to invite him to Celtic Park, he's welcome to come and report all the pro IRA signing....if he ever hears such stuff, I personaly have not for a long time, appart from the odd drunk wee boy who enjoys solo singing.

As the saying goes..."move on Mr Campbel, there's nothing to see here".


Celtic FC have released a statement "We are pleased that Mr. Campbell recognises the great work which Celtic has carried out in tackling sectarianism.

“We have received his fax and it would have been appropriate for the Club to have an opportunity to consider its content before it was released to the press.

However, it will certainly be considered along with a number of other representations we have received in relation to racist and sectarian chanting from supporters of other clubs"

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