Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"It's not our fault, bad people are picking on poor rangers fans"...says Martin Bain

Martin "Baldy"Bain, darling of the Rangers support has commented on the "famine song" issue but he has not condemned it's signing, he has however bleated on about poor rangers fans being singled out while everyone else gets away with it.

Let's see what Mr Bain has to say as a representative of rfc.

"Clearly some supporters feel aggrieved that a song they believe to be no more than a tit-for-tat 'wind up' of Celtic supporters should be singled out in this way and merit the attention of police, governments and anti-racism organisations," said Bain.

"In recent times, the absence of sanction or attention directed at any other club supports the contention that this is very much a one-way street.

"This is despite the best efforts of this club to highlight such issues in constructive discussion with the relevant authorities."

He added: "The club shares supporters' frustration that offensive and wholly unacceptable songs such as those 'celebrating' the Ibrox disasters or inciting death threats to our players are sung by supporters of other clubs on a regular basis with little or no comment or reprimand from any quarter.

"The club also believes that the issue of unacceptable conduct and anti-social behaviour at football matches has at times been used by individuals or groups to pursue their own agendas and there have been instances of this in the recent past."

Well we all know that the only people signing songs about the Ibrox Disaster are Aberdeens fans and I agree that action should be taken against them as well. Making fun of a trdgedy where people are killed is not on.

I do however find this agrgument that rfc are being singled out as a total joke. If they are being singled out it's because of their fans constantly signing songs of hatred.

This is the usual rfc response from Mr Bain is wholey unacceptable, just like's always somebody elses fault.

Dignity arse

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