Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This blog has been set up by and for Celtic supporters who are fed up with the double standards applied in Scotland and the Scottish media regarding the constant bile ,hatred and racism shown by the support of Rangers FC.
While our club and support have made great strides towards ridding ourselves of sectarianism and bigotry, the other club in Glasgow seem to have become even more vile in their hatred of Celtic Football Club, the Irish and anyone of Irish decent who live in Scotland.
After being shamed and forced into dropping their hateful songs by UEFA (note that it was not by the Scottish football authorities) they in their desperation and anger have turned their attentions on Celtic Football Club, our fans, our origins and our clubs history.
They have sought to defile the good name of our club and our greatest manager Jock Stein by exploiting a child abuse scandal which sadly occurred in the 1970's within Celtic Boys Club.
No regard have they taken of the victims or their families they have simply used selective information to attack our club and to attempt to destroy the name of a great Protestant man, who gave Scotland it's finest sporting hour.

So what is the Scottish media made of this?
  • Have they condemned it?
  • Have they started a discussion on it?
  • Have they attempted to name and shame the guilty Party?
Sadly the answer is NO on all counts.
I myself have written on several occasions to broadsheet news papers in Scotland in protest of this vile campaign, not one letter has been printed, neither have I had any response.

Worst of all the Board of Directors of our club has remained tight lipped over this affair leading to anger within our support when we have to sit in OUR OWN ground and listen to these vile chants.
In the past few days we have
  1. Seen our coach attacked in the street by sectarian thugs, AGAIN
  2. listened to the bile from their support in our home, AGAIN
  3. heard about a woman and her 2 kids being put through hell by RFC thugs
  4. witnessed the showing of a banner depicting our club as ambulance chasers AGAIN in our own home
It's time for Celtic fans to make our feelings known on this subject and others e.g the racist "Famine Song" which I will blog about later.

Hail, Hail

We Are Not The People


Anonymous said...

Bit of a strange heading obviously started by a hun on the wind-up.

Dannymcfella said...

Even in victory these thugs of RFC could not behave with any amount of class, pride or dignity. These people do not sing songs of their past glories on the football field, the 'people' instead prefer to glorify violence, they use child abuse as a weapon, they mock the deaths of great men and chant racist slogans of the famine in which many many Irish people had to suffer through.
Celtic as a hole, and indeed any right thinking people, must take a stand and show that we will no longer stand by and watch as the media takes a narrow minded, bigotted view and blatantly ignores the secterian/racial nature of the fans of their favour club.
'No more Old Firm no guilt by association'

Celtic Pride said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bit of a strange heading obviously started by a hun on the wind-up.
You are well off the pace mate

Jinky67 said...

They are not the people might be more fitting as they're barely human!!

Hail Hail